Tristan Greatrex


Don't Talk Science




Wacken Records

Release Date


Don't Talk Science is my second Victory ablum and it turned out to be very 'Metal' in appearance. From ten visual ideas/concepts, the band chose to go down this design route and allow the album title, to do it's 'talking'. In fact its so 'Not Science', with the scratched album title, carved into the metal that it makes a point.

This album was also released on 12" vinyl, in addition to CD-Jewel case format. The artwork had to be converted as the decision was made after the design and creation process. The artwork had to be de-constructed and then re-constructed to ensure the correct resolution and the quality in printing. Something that had to be right and turned out wonderfully - I do love this on 12" vinyl as you can almost feel the scratched rusted cover.

I thoroughly enjoyed this process of getting back to the bare bones of artwork creation and studying raw texture finishes, it reminded me of my engineering days as a draughtsman.

Tristan Greatrex, from TGG