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Mogg & the Sign of 4


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Phil Mogg and Jeff Kollman get together to re-issue the 'Sign of 4' album "Dancing with St. Peter".

Phil Mogg approached me as he and Jeff wanted to re-release the album on Marmeduke records but the release needed to be re-named as 'Mogg and the Sign of 4'.

Phil provided me with his 'iconic' photo, wanting it to be part of the album cover.

It was fun for me as I spent the day with Phil at my home in Ascot (Phil having travelled up from Brighton via British Rail), whist we discussed the look and feel of the album, right down to the font used on the album cover. Not much discussion but chatted about most things other than music.

To our Tristan, the beloved one.

Phil Mogg - CD siigning, from UFO